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Have you just become a mom? Then, you know that the birth of a baby is one of the most blissful events in a woman’s life. Congratulations! Now, you have the closest and the most important person that you have to take care of.

Often, young mothers feel at loss when they first fact a great amount of new duties they now have to perform: they have to think about their baby’s health, food, walking, clothing, toys, and a lot of other aspects of their life. But don’t worry. We are here to help you in this new role. We are glad to introduce you to our new online store: at http://mamandkid.com/, you will find everything you need as a parent to ensure that your child is safe and happy.

Playing and activity

Some people assume that toys are not as necessary as, for example, clothes or comfortable bedding, because they serve for entertainment only. In fact, your child needs toys for mental and physical development. We offer a rich collection of educational toys, rattles, blush toys, playing mats, and safety accessories.

Baby carriers

Becoming a parent does not mean staying at home all day long. To help you do your daily business, we offer comfortable baby carriers, including ergonomic ones and the ones shaped like bandanas.

Baby feeding and watering

We took care of providing the best-quality feeding and watering to ensure your child’s well-being.

Baby healthcare

You should pay specific attention to your baby’s health in order to avoid problems in the future. For this purpose, we have a wide selection of baby healthcare items.

For parents

We have not forgotten about parents either. In our shop, you can discover plenty of maternity accessories, kitchen gadgets, bags, and backpacks.




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